I Shopped for Carole’s Country Store Yesterday



I got up nice and early on Sunday morning. I wanted to get an early start. Off to Lancaster County I went, check coffee in hand. I have made a new friend in the antique business, mind such a nice person, viagra and very helpful and knowledgable. He asked me if I knew anything about Amish quilts, which I don’t, but I think I know one when I see one, most times anyway. He brought this one in from his car to show me. It was beautiful and just perfect and clean. Full of beautiful embroidery stitches and lovely quilting.


The Amish woman do enjoy using bright color, as in can see in this quilt. Many useful items in their homes are brightly decorated as well. I always thought that they only wear dark colors, but that isn’t true either. Black is worn on Sunday. White is for funerals. Purples, blues and green dresses are worn during the week, along with an apron and cap. I took this photo of these Amish dresses, blowing in the breeze, on a lovely Spring day. they wore a white cap if they are married, and a black one if you are not. Amish women do not wear jewelry.


I bought a little old Amish doll yesterday. It’s called a church doll, and they were given to little girls to take to church services, something to play with, so as not to disrupt others.


This one is wearing traditional black, only worn on Sunday. She is for sale, and will soon be in my store. It’s getting late and I better go.

Oh, one more thing. I will also be selling this little Amish handpainted box.


Tobacco boxes were often recycled and used as little storage boxes. This one is quite charming, and if you like to collect boxes, this would be a great addtion to your collection. If you enjoy hearing about the Amish of Lancaster County, I hope you will let me know, and if you like, I can tell you more later this week.

Happy day.

5 Responses to “I Shopped for Carole’s Country Store Yesterday”

  1. Sylvia Anderson Says:

    Wow….you’ve been busy Carole! I love the amish things, and they do lead an interesting life. Thank you for sharing more “Amish” pictures with us. :)

    I keep missing out on all of the new goodies you put in your store…they get snatched up so quickly! I’ll have to remember to check back more often. Stop by my blog when you get a chance…I am doing a Valentine’s giveaway!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Hi Carole,
    Always interesting to learn about the Amish and their lifestyle. Please tell us more! I love reading your blog. Thanks so much.

  3. Christine LeFever Says:

    That quilt is such a delight, because it is a crazy quilt! She was an adventuresome Amish lady who needed to express herself a little more so than the norm. Bravo!


  4. Carole Says:

    Hi Sylvia, Kathy and Christine. Thank you for your comments about the Amish. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Just as soon as I have a little time, I have a bit more to tell about them. I do find them fascinating and collect a few of their items, mainly clothes. I agree, Christine, that Amish lady certainly did want to express herself with that quilt.. This was a common way Amish woman did bring color into their lives, in their quilts and many items used in their homes were quite decorative using bright color.

  5. Jeannene Says:

    Hi dear Carole,

    nice finds, i am sure they will all do well in your store. Miss you, have a lovely weekend.


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