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My Early America DVD Is Available

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007


Our DVD is finally finshed and ready for sale! You can find it on my website. My husband and I have worked on this project for the past few months, cialis and now, it’s finally finished. It’s a DVD, called Early America, 75 minutes long. This picture is the cover. The pear photo is on the front, and the smaller photos are on the back. If you love antiques, history, old houses, quilts, and much more, I promise you will love this DVD. The music is just lovely, and for $19.95, INCLUDING the shipping, it makes a great gift. If you go to my website and click on the photo, you will find a small sample. Happy day!

The Historic Village of Dilworthtown

Monday, September 24th, 2007

I am really lucky to live in an area that is so rich in history. One of my favorite places is the historic town of Dilworthtown, store in Chester Country, Pa.



This is the Dilworthtown Country Store. It was built in the 1700′s, and was once, one of the oldest operating country stores in America. Village founder, James Dilworth, ran a blacksmith shop, and built this store across the road, where he sold a number of essentials, according to documents and diaries.


In 1758, Dilworth built a brick house, the original section of the Dilworthtown Inn, for his 11 children. Today it’s a popular restaurant.


After Dilworth’s death, in 1769, his son Charles applied for a tavern liscense. According to legend, in 1777, the first American flag ever carried into battle alllegedly flew from the tavern before it was taken into the Sept. 11 Battle of the Brandywine, the Revolutionary War’s largest military engagement. At the end of the battle, the victorious British occupied and looted and damaged the buildings. The family lost cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, salt, hay, china and pewter, and more. Charles Dilworth noted on a claim sheet, the loss of “time of a servant lad”, Patrick Kelley, 14 years old. He apparently ran off with the British when they left the village on Sept. 16, 1777.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the tavern was restored and opened as a restaurant. Can’t wait to try it!

I think I might have mentioned this before, but I want to say it again. I know that there are some of you that read my blog, but have never left a comment. I know it’s a hard thing to do, putting your words out there for all to read, but, hey, give it a try. It’s not really hard at all, and once you’ve done it, it gets much easier, the next time. Imagine how I felt, starting my own blog, and always hoping that the things I write about will interest others. So, please, don’t leave without saying hello. I would love to hear from you. Really. I would.

Happy day!

What Kind of Flower are You

Friday, September 7th, 2007

This is fun. Give it a try.

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What Flower
Are You?

Can You Feel Fall in the Air?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Can you feel it, buy viagra can you feel Fall in the air? It even sounds different. The crows are so noisy, and listening to them, makes me feel so good. I have so much to do. So much to clean. Windows, oh, I don’t feel like cleaning them, but I hate dirty windows. Don’t you think your whole house feels clean when the windows sparkle?



Yesterday, I worked in my garden for a bit, pulling out the tomato plants and cutting some things back. I can not wait until the leaves start turning. This year I will be taking my camera with me and take a drive down route 23, near Morgantown, Pa. These are some photos taken last Fall, that I have made into note cards. You can find them for sale in my country store. They are sold 6 note cards in a package, in a cellophane bag, tied with some twine, for $16.50. You will love them, made on antique white card stock.




They make really nice gifts for friends or family, and teachers too.


I have some beautiful Christmas cards coming to my website store this week. Wonderful old Santas and feather trees. Better go now. The US Open is on. I have been watching it every day for the last week. No wonder I have a lot of cleaning to do!! Happy day everyone.

The Kiva Website

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007


I heard about this website on the Oprah show today. Please check it out. It’s a wonderful way to give back and everyone can give. Such a worthy cause. Please take a moment of your time to check it out and see how you can change someone’s life. Thank you so much! This is one of my favorite photos, sickness taken a few years ago in Lancaster County, remedy Pa., a beautiful place to be in the Fall or any time of the year.