A Rustic Pie and Birds

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No, the birds are not in my pie!


The past few days have been very rainy and I love it, and it’s starting to feel like Fall. Can you feel it in the air? I know we have more hot days ahead, after all it is still August, but today was one of those days that put me in the mood for cooking and baking. I only had three juicy peaches, not enough for a large pie. Actually, I didn’t have much flour either, when I took a look, so I baked, what I call, a rustic peach pie. By the way, that knife and fork is from the early 1800′s. No, I don’t eat with them, but I thought they looked really good for the photo. The knife is made of bone and the fork handle is treen with a little brass ring. I think they are so cool, don’t you? I have them for sale in my store, but I think I am going to keep them. I am putting mahi mahi on the grill. I had tons of plum tomatoes from the garden, so I made some chunky red sauce to go with the fish. I am also going to put my corn on the grill. Have you ever done that? Oh, it is delicious, try it if you haven’t. While everything was cooking, I grabbed my tripod and camera and thought i would try to get some pictures of the noisy little wrens that have been living in my birdhouse, right outside my kitchen window. Can you make out this picture? This little baby is tilting his head sideways, looking at me.


They were REALLY making noice. I don’t think they liked me sitting there watching them. I finally did manage to get some photos. I hope you enjoy them. Happy day.



Today is Thursday, the 223rd, and I wanted to tell you that the little wrens have taken flight. It’s much quieter now, but they sure did leave a mess behind. Lots of bird poop on my railing and wicker setee. Must have been a stressful day! Haha. I’m off to get the hose. Happy day.

10 Responses to “A Rustic Pie and Birds”

  1. Pear Tree Primitives Says:

    Carole, what great photos! The wrens are so sweet. And your pie looks absolutely yummy, I can’t wait for Fall!


  2. Jeannene Says:

    Carole, you were making my mouth water and you were talking deliciously!! You are so creative, and would love to hop right over to just cook with you and watch your birds. I can’t wait for fall either, and look forward to my warm clothes again. I am a seasonal person and love all my seasons…when they are supposed to come!! Hope your days are filled with love, laughter and delicious food…(i don’t think that will be a problem…LOL!!)


  3. Sylvia Anderson Says:

    The pie looks yummy Car, and thank you for the birdy photos!! The last one with it’s little beak wide open for food is too cute!! I could spend hours watching the birds in my yard. :)

  4. Theresa Says:

    I love to sit and watch my birds, so relaxing!!

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