Summer Tomatoes, One of Life’s Simple Pleasures

Ah, cialis summer tomatoes. They’re starting to come in fast and furious!


9 Responses to “Summer Tomatoes, One of Life’s Simple Pleasures”

  1. Lynda Says:

    mmmmmmmm fresh tomatoes from the garden, how lovely!
    tomatoe sliced with fresh basil, mossarella cheese, seasoning and a little balsamic vinegar splashed over, quite delicious!

  2. Carole Says:

    hi Lynda! yes, i love that too. i’ve got some basil growing. think i’ll serve that with my pasta salad tonight. take care.

  3. mom2fur Says:

    They look delicious. I don’t have much luck with tomatoes. I don’t know why…they mostly refuse to turn red. My mother can grow tomatoes from cement (just kidding). I guess I didn’t inherit her green thumb.
    Enjoy your tomatoes! You might want to try a ‘caprese salad’.

  4. frenchgardenhouse Says:

    oh! There’s nothing like them. I love them slices, with slices of mozzarella and just balsemic vinegar. yum!

  5. Nancy Says:

    Please pass the maters Carole! You’ve been tagged for being such a Nice person! Please visit my blog to grab the “Nice Matters” banner and pass it on to at least 5 and no more than 7 others! Nan

  6. hazelruthe (Cathy) Says:

    Red tomatoes! What’s your secret Carole? Our vines are loaded–with green tomatoes for weeks now and no sign of red. I think we planted green tomatoes! LOL! These look delicious and I love your gathering of graters and spoons in the background!

    Cathy :)

  7. Carole Says:

    Well, looks like there are some tomato lovers out there! Bill and I have been eating them every night with fresh mozerlla and fresh basil with a little balsamic, oh my gosh, they are good. I don’t have a secret Cathy but i have to say the plants themselves look horrible. all yellow and wilted but still producing. So funny you mentioned the spoons. the other day i sold a crock in my store. when i went to find it, i couldn’t. we looked for a half hour. guess where it was? on my counter with the spoons! oh, well, more room for tomatoes!! LOL

  8. Jackie hendricks Says:

    Love those ‘mater’ Carole!!! Cathy (Hazelruthe)you have to try green tomatoe jam its yum yum!!! and all you use is a box of Jello a few cups of sugar and some lemon juice. Its delicious on toast!


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