What A Beautiful Sentiment


This past week, ask a group of talented artists got together and held an auction for a lovely young girl that passed away recently. Her name was Brianna and she was only 17. I did not know her, thumb but I read her story and was touched by it. The auction ended yesterday and over $18, treat 000 was raised in memory of Brianna. I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU to ALL of these wonderful artists that donated their wonderful creations, and their time, for this auction. What a beautiful sentiment. You must have touched the heart of her family so deeply.

6 Responses to “What A Beautiful Sentiment”

  1. Jeannene Says:

    Carole, Thank you so much for your very sweet and kind comments on my birthday tribute to my mil. You too are very striking and so beautiful…I always thought!! And your even an angel on earth to be posting this update on Dear Brianna’s Story!! Thank the Lord, her Auction turned out to be a blessing!! I still pray for her family and friends. God bless you, Friend!!

    Hugs and smiles,

  2. Christe' Says:

    good morning Carole,

    your angel and your lovely thank you is very kind and heartfelt.
    I was so very honored to be able to be a part of this auction. It did turn out so very well.
    I know that Brianna must be smiling.

  3. Jeannene Says:

    “Carole…I am playing a little game and would love for you to take a guess!! Come by and take a peak…there just might be a little prize in return.”


  4. Theresa - Garden Antqs Says:

    Hi Carole: what an awesome thing you’ve done for Brianna’s family. I too don’t know them but have read their story. May God bless you and your friends for your kind gestures. Thanks also for stopping by and for your well wishes on our Anniversary. Blessings, Theresa

  5. Jeannene Says:

    “Good Morning Carole”,

    I posted a another picture that is just precious and it reminded me of you, come and check this out!! I hope you are having a most lovely summer, full of vacations and relaxations. (wow, i just rhymed…LOL) Hope your doing great today, and Have a lovely weekend, friend!


  6. Lidy@Frenchgardenhouse.com Says:

    Thank you so much for this very sweet post! I was so honored to be able to contribute my own small angel, and so excited about the funds raised. Now her family will be able to keep Brianna’s memory alive!


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