Rehoboth Beach, DE.


It’s been very quiet on my blog lately. It must be the hazy lazy days of summer, try so I am glad that you stopped by for a visit, cialis and am always happy to have you here. Let me take you for a little visit to Rehoboth Beach, DE. It’s only an hour and a half drive from my home in Wilmington, DE. After you cross the little canal bridge, this little lighthouse sits on the middle of the circle as you enter the main street, Rehoboth Ave.

You would love it here! It’s a quaint little town, with a beautiful new beach that was extended two years ago, with grasses and beach fencing lining the walkways leading down to the beach. It has a boardwalk with rides and games for the kids, lots of great restaurants, and beautiful places to stay. Everything is within walking distance. I have a little condo here. It’s a great little getaway, with no work!!


Come on inside.




This is the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel. I wish I took some pictures of the inside, it’s all done in a Victorian decor. It’s a great place to sit and have a drink and dinner with friends, while enjoying at the beautiful ocean view.


In 1873, Rehoboth was established as a place where religious summer camps were held. If you would like to learn more about this beach’s history, click on the highlighted Rehoboth.


Lingo’s Market was established in 1898. We love walking there in the morning to get the newspaper, and fresh baked pastries!


This is just one example of the lovely homes in our little town. I hope you enjoyed the tour.


I’ll be away for a while, but please, come back in a few weeks, and I will have more things to tell, and more photos to show. Enjoy the Summer!!

7 Responses to “Rehoboth Beach, DE.”

  1. Trevette Says:

    Love the rehobeth entry, well, and all of them too. On eof my favorites is your anniversary pictures, then and now. This is the first time I have ever left a comment on a blog! Love, guess who

  2. Carole Says:

    Hi Trevette! Thank you for the visit. I hope you will become a part of my blog family, and visit often.

  3. Jeannene Says:

    “What a Beautiful Place!!” You are right I would love to go there…on problem though…I am at the other end of the country. You are very lucky to go and visit a place like this with such history. Thank you for sharing such a lovely place. Maybe one day, I will be lucky enough to see it for myself. That is one of the perks to blogging. You meet Wonderful People to share places of the Country and there story where they live!!

    (I too sense a quietness in “blog land”…it is probably summer…everyone is coming and going on vacation. Also, sweet Brianna’s Auction taking place this last week.)

    Hugs to you,

  4. Christe' Says:

    dear Carole,

    I loved “visitng” your Rehoboth Beach this morning. I have always thought that your side of the earth must be so lovely from all your descriptions of it and it is! I can almost smell the salt air.
    I loved the peek inside your little beach condo,too. That little table in front of your sofa is still beautiful.
    thanks for sharing so much of yourself. It is a lovely view.

  5. oldflowers4me Says:


  6. Donna O'Brien- The Ribboned Crown Says:

    Oh Carole- to have a “little” place to get away like that…and in such wonderful surroundings!! Beauteous!!

  7. Theresa Says:

    What a beautiful place to get away and relax at. We need to remember to make time for ourselves in life; it’s important!!

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