Original Rufus Porter Murals Painted c. 1830



We arrived in N.H. around 2 a.m. on a Saturday, pharm at a wonderful little B & B. We were all very tired and couldn’t wait to hit the sheets! First thing in the morning, Carole knocked at our door. “There’s a huge antique show going on in the field across the way”!! I jumped out of bed and got dressed as quickly as I could!! We had our breakfast and off we went. There was so much to see. We spent a couple of hours there and decided it was time to be off to our destination.


Our drive was beautiful. Back roads all the way, winding and bending along rivers and streams. When we finally arrived and pulled into the driveway, no one was home. We weren’t worried though. The owner, Lynn, told me they had a wedding on the day of our arrival, and if they were not home when we got there, we should just walk in and make ourselves at home! Can you believe that! We were total strangers to her. We had never met, ever! Carole and I walked up to the door and knocked anyway. No answer.We slowly opened the door and poked our heads inside. We called out,”Lynn”? Still no answer, so we signaled to Bill and Ted, and we all went inside. It was the weirded feeling being in someone’s house that you have never met, and they are not there. We looked around and wondered where we would find the murals. As we walked down the hallway, we turned the corner, and there they were!! Oh, my, they were wonderful!!! Here we were in a house where Rufus Porter once stayed! The real Rufus Porter, our inspiration!! We were looking at murals actually painted by him!! Standing where he stood! It was so thrilling to us. They were in such beautiful condition. There were more going up the stairway and down the hall into the bedrooms! Just amazing! This was an experience that I will never forget. I am so grateful to Bob and Lynn, for inviting us to see them. Oh, yes, we did finally meet them. They pulled into the driveway, not too long after we got there. They were such gracious people. We so enjoyed their interesting stories about the house, and the spirit that once lived there.



This is part of the mural I painted in my dining room in 1999.
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5 Responses to “Original Rufus Porter Murals Painted c. 1830”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I can only imagine how that must have felt for you, walking in Porter’s footsteps! After all these years & his murals still look so vibrant!
    Carole your dining room is absolutely gorgeous!!! What talent you have!
    My walls really need you! Thanks for sharing, :-) Nan

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Hi Carole~ Your blog is on several of my friend’s blogs, and I finally made it over here! So glad I did. I love this style and era of painting and you capture it perfectly. Your work is beautiful.

  3. Pam Says:

    WOW!!!! Carole, How fabulous and thrilling! Yes, standing where he stood and worked his work. I wonder what he thought of his work, and if he ever dreamed that more than a century later his toil would be revered??? Pam

  4. robolady Says:

    Carole, thank you for visiting my blog. I like your art, it reminds me of Warren Kimble and He’s been on e of my favorite for years.

  5. Carole Says:

    Suzanne, I am so glad that you visited my blog. Thank you for the nice comments.

    Pam, it’s always good to hear from you. Yes, to stand where Rufus stood, was quite thrilling.

    Robolady, Thank you too. I wish I could remember what blog you are. I have visited a few new ones lately. Can you tell me which one is your blog?

    I hope to hear from all of you girls again! Thanks for the visits.

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